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Hello and welcome to the DV Forum

We are currently upgrading this site with new forum software.

The main function of the site is the forum section, as you might expect from the site name. We always love to hear suggestions and creative input to the site.

DV Forum is a meeting place for DV Artists: from the beginner to advanced. There are no wrong questions (or answers - as long as we don't mind being corrected). Technology has grown at such a rapid pace that a number of people in the arts are behind the times and afraid of change.

We started this site for our friends and colleagues in hope to shed some light on the new technology. We want to present the new technology from the view point as tools to help create rather than something to afraid of or dislike because it's new. Please feel free to post at out forums or email us if you have any suggestions on how to make it better.

You can discuss topics related to miniDV, DVD Authoring, MPEG Encoding, Video Editing and many others.


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